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We are currently updating our website and will have our latest offerings back online in due course. Feel free to drop us an email in the time being if you have any questions.


We provide interior design, styling, and sourcing services in Adelaide and e-design services across Australia that enable you to create a home that functions well, reflects you, and most importantly, feels good.

We strive to find the best design and layout for your project, whether that is for your bedroom, home office, entire house or even your investment property. Through a series of questions and processes, we build a strong understanding of:

  • You and your design style

  • What you want from your space

  • How your space will function to best support you

  • How it can be brought to life

We are constantly growing our knowledge to be able to find the best products and materials to use. We enjoy finding homewares that have a story. Anything from Australian artisans to trawling the best local Adelaide vintage shops for hidden gems, and getting our hands onto interesting up-cycling ideas. Where we can, we do our best to use and recommend, sustainable and green methods or products. Our interests also expand into supporting artisan groups across the planet to bring you unique ideas and designs.


Principally we are based in Adelaide, Australia, however, we are open to design and source to those further afield.


Take a look around, and if you like our jam, get in touch. 

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Greengages are very similar to plums however they are green/ yellow in colour. When fully ripened, they are sweet and often described as "honey-like". They originally came from Persia but were imported into the UK in 1724 by Sir William Gage, which is where they got their English name. They can be eaten fresh, in desserts or as a jam. Us

Greengages hold wonderful memories with our Grandmother, the joy of the sweetness and simple pleasures of childhood, the fun and the play, allowing our imagination and creativity to roam free, having adventures and visiting faraway places.  They represent everything we adore in designing and what we strive for in our company mission. Timeless style, playful elements and life-long memories, enabling you to live your best life, whilst also engaging in Green/ Sustainable elements where possible to look after our world. 

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